Automotive Parts Logistics

Superior Automotive Supply Chain Management Solutions

The complex world of automotive supply chain management requires sophisticated solutions and the 40 years of expertise available at Mex-Cal. We make sure that every step of the process includes advanced approaches, timely deliveries and comprehensive solutions that help you get create an efficient and streamlined system.

Automotive Logistics Services

Establish a lasting partnership with a flexible, adaptable team characterized by its professionalism and industry expertise.
Our comprehensive support services eliminate logistics concerns, providing easy access to all the services you need.

Expertise in Automotive Supply Chain Logistics

With years of experience serving the automotive supply chain, our team has in-depth knowledge of the complexities of moving automotive parts from one point to another. From our work with automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors, to the advanced solutions we provide every client, we have solutions that address your specific needs.

Advanced Vehicle Parts Distribution

Beyond traditional haulage services, we bring state-of-the-art solutions developed from our extensive experience in transportation and logistics.

All-on-One Auto Components Logistics

From C-TPAT compliant yard space rentals to door-to-door services, we offer comprehensive, end-to-end supply chain solutions tailored to the automotive industry. Let us support your needs, from warehousing to imports and exports, throughout every aspect of your supply chain.

Bonded Services

Elevate your automotive logistics with our bonded services. Benefit from the strategic advantage of duty-deferred parts and components storage and transportation. Reduce operational costs and lead times, keeping your supply chain in the fast lane.

24/7 Security For Every Load

Prevent damage and cargo loss during your automotive supply chain management with top-tier security measures. We leverage a 21-point inspection for every load, along with the following measures:

  • K-9 sniffers
  • 24/7 GPS monitoring
  • On-Site Yard Security Guards
  • Constant surveillance

With 40+ years of expertise behind us, we are equipped to safeguard your cargo from the beginning of its trip to the end. Trust our all-in-one solutions to offer security with every load.


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Get a quote in hours and get started faster than
you can say cross-border transportation.