In-Bond Processing

Bonded Carriers In San Diego and Tijuana

Accelerate your border-crossing operations and attain unparalleled flexibility with our customs bonded carriers in San Diego and Tijuana. Our specially licensed carriers in Tijuana, Mexico and California provide you the advantage of transporting merchandise across borders aligning to an inland destination without the need for immediate payment of duties and tariffs.

  • Licensed carriers
  • Bonded warehouses for storage
  • Zero-fee customs crossings
  • High standard security and compliance

Bonded Carriers Benefits

Navigate the complexities of customs compliance effortlessly and avoid paying upfront for duties and taxes. Our established network of bonded trucking operations in San Diego and Tijuana ensure your cargo’s smooth and efficient transportation across borders. Benefit from our services in the following ways:

Efficient & Uninterrupted Transport

Our bonded trucking service maximizes efficiency by eliminating customs-related delays. Our deep understanding of customs compliance ensures uninterrupted transport of goods, providing you with a service that’s as prompt as it is reliable.

International Shipping Capabilities

We possess the adaptability to handle a variety of goods, including those that require international shipping. With our service, you can confidently move dutiable goods across borders, tapping into new markets and endless possibilities.

Secure Financial Transactions

When working with our bonded trucking services, you’re guaranteed secure financial transactions. Our customs bond assures you that all duties and taxes will be covered, safeguarding your cargo and your business financially.

Customs Compliance Assurance

Our team of industry experts ensures strict adherence to customs requirements, providing an important layer of safety in the handling of bonded cargo. By minimizing potential risks, we make shipping less complicated and more secure.

Bonded Cargo Security

Ensure the utmost protection of your cargo with our stringent security measures. Each truck in our fleet goes through a methodical 21-point check and inspection carried out by our accredited team before departure. But our commitment to security doesn’t end there. Optimize your bonded trucking experience with these additional measures:

  • 24/7 GPS monitoring
  • On-Site Yard Security Guards
  • Constant surveillance

Use our 40+ years of industry experience to your advantage. We’re not just here to transport your goods—we ensure they are safeguarded every step of the journey. Rely on our comprehensive solutions for secure bonded trucking.

More Solutions

Our all-in-one solution provides everything you would need to transport inventory safely and efficiently between the US and Mexico. This includes an extensive fleet of 200+ modern vehicles like flatbeds and dry vans, extensive yard support in our state-of-the-art yards, top-notch security and certified K9 sniffer dogs, in-house mechanics, and our own diesel stations.


Import inventory with ease with transport to and from the port of Long Beach or San Diego, or let us manage your entire shipment from China or Asia.

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Yard Services

Streamline the efficiency of your yards and products with state-of-the-art yard administration and inventory services from a reliable and experienced logistics partner.

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Equipment for Rent

Rely on our decades of experience to maintain a seamless supply chain.

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Get a quote in hours and get started faster than
you can say cross-border transportation.