Non-Perishable Food Logistics

Dry Goods Supply Chain Services

In an industry where freshness, efficiency, and reliability are paramount, we understand the unique challenges you face. We use our 40+ years of expertise and customized solutions to make sure that your loads get delivered on time, every time, even in a dynamic market.

Packaged Food Supply Chain Management

Establish a lasting partnership with a flexible, adaptable team characterized by its professionalism and industry expertise. Our comprehensive support services eliminate logistics concerns, providing easy access to all the services you need.

Expertise in Food & Grocery Supply Chain Services

Our more than 4 decades of experience in food and grocery supply chain services equip us to navigate the demanding, time-sensitive nature of the food and grocery supply chain. From managing perishable items to handling temperature-sensitive products to navigating strict regulatory requirements, we have the advanced solutions you require.

Quality Assurance

We understand the importance of maintaining quality and safety throughout the supply chain. Our fleet, storage facilities, yards, and teams are equipped to adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and safe food handling. Trust us to deliver your
products safely and reliably every time.

All-in-One Non-perishable Food Shipping

Whether you need sourcing, warehousing, distribution, or last-mile delivery, we have the capabilities and resources to optimize every stage of your supply chain, ensuring efficiency and freshness from start to finish.

Bonded Services

Savor the flavor of simplified international food distribution with our bonded services. Perfect for non-perishable items, our solutions offer deferred duty payments, reducing overheads and ensuring your products reach the market fresher and faster.

Top-Notch Security

Effective security is non-negotiable when you’re transporting goods across borders. We prioritize safety by implementing top-tier security measures. Every truck undergoes a thorough 21-point check and inspection conducted by our certified K9 unit.
From the moment it departs, your truck is continuously monitored via GPS 24/7 until it safely arrives at its destination. Our yard is also safeguarded by armed security guards and constant surveillance.


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Get a quote in hours and get started faster than
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Get a quote in hours and get started faster than
you can say cross-border transportation.